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We are helping 1,000 people launch online courses this year so they can reach communities others cannot reach—teach communities others cannot teach. 

In Course From Scratch, you are not a Culture Fit. You are a Culture Add. You add value. You are valued.

Today, your unique story is currency, and what makes you different is what makes you valuable. 

Are you ready to turn your story & expertise into a life changing program that helps others and gives you the freedom to live a WFA (Work From Anywhere) life? See below for Course From Scratch students' results!
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Jeremy Jackson
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$7,000 + 2 speaking engagements
Alysha Price
Topic: Relationships/Co-Parenting
Results: $7,000 client, 2 Speaking Engagements, 3x Instagram following
$130,000 in course sales
Gloria Atanmo, Full Time Traveler, Nomad
Topic: I help bloggers build their empires
Result: $130,000, helped me upsell my mastermind retreats!

$77,000 in 5 months
Carol Hunter, Chattanooga, TN 
Topic: Help women achieve financial freedom
Results: $77,000 in 5 months
$14,000 from 2 launches
Emmelie De La Cruz, Atlanta, GA
Topic: Monetize your influence
Results: $14,000 from 2 launches
$30,000 course launch
Erin Burns, Atlanta, GA
Topic: Helping Actors #uplevel their game
Results: $30,000
$65,000 in course sales
Sharai Robbins, Philadelphia, PA
Topic: How to write, brand and market a book that establishes your authority in any field.
Results: $65,000

$150,000 in course sales
Lorell Hall, Orlando, FL
Topic: Training busy entrepreneurs how to use Facebook & Instagram ads to grow sales
Results: $150,000 in course sales
$30,000 in course sales
Gina Bianchini, Palo Alto, CA
Topic: How to create a community so valuable you can charge for it, and so well-designed it essentially runs itself.
Results: $30,000 in course sales
$3,000 in course sales
Doctor Tk, Compton, CA
Topic: Empowering Your Life
Results: $3,000 in sales and doubled social media following
$17,000 in 30 days
James Turner ,
Topic: Real estate investing
Results: Allowed me to think differently about building a course, made $17,000 in less than 30 days
$11,870 in course sales
Ebony Evaughn, Little Rock, AR
Topic: Help women discover their purpose
Results: $11,870 in sales, enrolled 11 new students in one week
$2,000 in 10 days
Jess Grippo, Brooklyn, NY
Topic: Create Your Dance Rebel Routine
Results: $2,000 in 10 days 
$2,500 in course sales
Ashley Harris
Topic: Discover your purpose
Results: $2,500 in course sales
$8,887 in course sales
Cindy Goodson, Warner Robins, GA
Topic: Secrets to heal your body naturally
Results: $8,887 earnings
$4,500 and Instagram grew to 6,500 followers
Carly Helfand, Chicago, IL
Topic: Maximizing travel reward points
Results: $4,500 earnings, increased Instagram followers to 6500
$5,000 in course sales
Daniel Hunt, Eau Claire, WI
Topic: How to optimize your financial systems
Results: $5,000 earnings
$8,000 made so far
Marla Wertheim, Cincinnati, OH
Topic:  Teach photographers how to run successful model programs in their business
Results: $8,000 earnings to date with 2 classes.
$2,000 within 3 days
Axél Carrasquillo, Detroit, MI
Topic: Help Lightworkers heal trauma
Results: $2,000 within 3 days
$4,000 in 45 days
Daphne Valcin, West Palm Beach, FL 
Topic: Mastering the art of pitching
Results: $4,000 sales in 45 days
$15,000 in course earnings
Sherita Williams, Atlanta, GA
Topic: Teaches hairstylist how to secure the bag behind the chair in 6 weeks
Results: $15,000 course earnings
$40,000 course launch
Cassandra Bradford
Topic: What is the government's attraction to entrepreneurs
Results: I went from day in and day out 1:1 with my clients to launching my course and earned $40,000 in my first launch. 
$4,500 in course sales
Eugene Bush , Atlanta, GA
Topic: Marketing tools and videos
Results: $4,500 earnings
$9,300 in 90 days
Torie Rynning, Seattle, WA
Topic: DIY Nonprofit PR
Results: made $9,300 in 90 days.
$10,000 course launch
Jillian Turecki, Brookyn, NY
Topic: How to overcome devastating break up
Results: I was able to overcome my fear over technology, $10,000 MVC launch.
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Quynn Johnson, Landover, MD
Topic: How to create music through tap dance
Results: I was able to build up my confidence to talk to people
Santina Rigano-Lesch, Seattle, WA
Topic: Helping dancers to package their talent and teach students
Results: I developed the confidence to create my online course
Jessica Bonner Birmingham
Topic: Using everyday music for standardize test
Results: Earned $1,345 so far from mini launches, grew IG followers from 42 to approximately 2,950 in 4 months
Jess Grippo, Brooklyn, NY
Topic: Create your dance rebel routine
Results: $2,000 in 10 days
Alane Richards, Florida, USA
Topic: Divine Feminine Art Therapy

Cathy Nolan, Brooklyn, NY
Topic: Unleash Your Creativity
Anthony Ware, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Help underestimated founders create mental wealth to impact their biz culture, hiring and growth

Erin Burns, Atlanta, GA
Topic: Helping Actors #uplevel their game
Results: $30,000
Gloria Atanmo, Full Time Traveler, Nomad
Topic: I help bloggers build their empires
Result: $130,000, helped me upsell my mastermind retreats!

Kai Shariff, Las Vegas, NV
Topic: Help aspiring content creators take their idea from concept to production and from production to monetization/distribution.
Result: Course revenue $5500, additional revenue $3000
Quacee Dorby, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Voice lessons and vocal health

Renee Long, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: I help creative writers who struggle with lack of time, distraction, and self-doubt build holistic habits that support a consistent writing schedule so they can boost word count, unlock more time, overcome procrastination, and finish writing projects.
Results: $1491
Shakim Smith, Orlando, FL
Topic: Helping Artists, Producers, & Entrepreneurs turn their passion for music into to a profitable business
Result: $1000 and $550/mo passive income on my monthly subscription

Shannan Johnson, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Help aspiring writers find their voice and tell their stories on the screen.
Result: $11,448
Sharai Robbins, Philadelphia, PA
Topic: How to write, brand and market a book that establishes your authority in any field.
Results: $65,000

Cherice Taylor, Chicago, IL
Topic:  Tailoring
Results: Gave me a clearer understanding of my Ideal Customer which allowed me to target properly and create my program tailored for them. 
Daria Wright, New Jersey
Topic: Teaching hairstylists and make-up artists how to build their brand
Results: Grew IG to 10K targeted followers. I now have the tools and know-how to market my course and create incredible content.
Nicole Marshall Concha, Rhode Island
Topic: Breaking free from diet culture and the beauty ideal
Results: Increased IG followers to 1800+ in 4 months and added 200 new email subscribers.
Shayna Simone, Birmingham, MI
Topic: How to boost your beauty business
Results: Had 30 people reach after one tasty post and I have booked 10 discovery calls scheduled for pre-sale.
Aseelah Gates, Fayetteville, NC
Topic: I help parents; adoptive, foster and Caucasian parents with biracial children, learn how to manage their own children’s natural hair as well as add protective/braided styles so they can help their hair grow, understand the different textures and help their own children embrace their unique beauty.
Alicia Hinshelwood, Brooklyn, NY,
Topic: I help parents understand and maintain natural hair for black and biracial children.
Dana Bassett, Portsmouth, VA
Topic:  Help new entrepreneurs efficiently find their network 
Results: 25 new leads in one week.
Marla Wertheim, Cincinnati, OH
Topic:  Teach photographers how to run successful model programs in their business
Results: $8,000 earnings to date with 2 classes.
Eugene Bush , Atlanta, GA
Topic: Marketing tools and videos
Results: $4,500 earnings
Elaine Wellman, New York City
Topic: How to connect more deeply with clients through life events and experiences
Results: Gives you a fresh approach to course building with low tech involved. Gained an incredible community of support.
Dijon Bowden, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: How to tap into your creativity
Results: Started a podcast (How To Be A MF Legend) that has seventy 5 Star reviews on iTunes. I also run a storytelling project (SOULS of Society) that has over 150,000 subscribers. 
Dr. Jatun Dorsey, Dallas, TX
Topic: Teaches entrepreneurs how to successfully launch their business
Results: No Sales YET from this program. 2400 increase in Instagram followers and increased clarity on how to quickly launch a course with little to no tech!
Elisabeth Carpenter, Florida
Topic: Teaches creative entrepreneurs how to break through their obstacles preventing them from scaling their businesses
Results: Has top paying clients and has $400 earnings. 
Caitlin Strempel, Phoenix, AZ
Topic: (SEO) Search Engine Optimization
Results: Tripled IG following at the date of this video taken (now almost quadrupled)
Leesha Luu, China
Topic: Helping business owners find manufacturers in China
Results: Learned to accept myself as an authority, 2 paying clients so far!
Martin Kamenski, Ashland, OR
Topic: How to navigate the world of business and taxes
Results: I've built an email list of 100+ in a weekend
Hope Lehman, Oakland, CA
Topic: How to write simple value driven business plan
Results: I built self-trust to develop a brand, learned how to launch my product online and to add premium priced products to my model.
Karyn Quick, Waukegan, IL
Topic: Helping women to get unstuck and get the promotion and payment they deserve
Results: Helped me identify my preferred customers.
Nnanke Essien, Nigeria
Topic: How to build business visibility to generate profit
Results: Launched 2 courses in just 6 weeks.
Renae Ferrario, Minneapolis, MN
Topic: How to build systems in salon businesses to attract and retain customers
Results: The MVC strategy is key and can't wait to learn more.
Michelle Barrow, Baltimore, MD
Topic: How to master marketing to make your passion project profitable
Results: Gave me the confidence I needed to create and launch a course.
Nicole Simmons, Atlanta, GA
Topic: How to lead confidently in life and business
Results: Helped me understand how my knowledge can be packaged into premium course.
Daphne Valcin, West Palm Beach, FL 
Topic: Mastering the art of pitching
Results: $4,000 sales in 45 days.
Emmelie De La Cruz, Atlanta, GA
Topic: Monetize your influence
Results: $14,000 from 2 launch cycles.
Stephanie Lawrence, Maryland
Topic: How to start & grow your own profitable business
Results: $6,000 in 60 days from 6 clients, helped me launched my MVC with ease.
Verlisa Hooks, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Women are in business
Results: I wasn't able to finished the entire course but it inspired and taught me a lot of business ideas.
Adrienne Cheeks, Atlanta, GA
Topic: Land a job you want and increased salary by 63%
Results: Gained confidence to build my own brand.
Derek Hawkins, Milwaukee, WI
Topic: Hawkins IP - how to protect your brand
Results: Built 2,000 following on IG, helped me focus on being a personal brand.
Torie Rynning, Seattle, WA
Topic: DIY Nonprofit PR
Results: made $9,300 in 90 days.
Makena Gargonnu, San Diego, CA/USA
Topic: Teach entrepreneurs how to build a strong personal brand online and offline
Results: I made an additional $2,294 from 1-1 clients and event marketing services because I feel more confident in my value as an expert.
Jazmine Casado , Haverhill, MA
Topic: Be See, Get Heard, Build Your Empire. I teach entrepreneurs how to brand and build an empire with multiple streams of revenue. Focusing on Moms.
Results: Boosted confidence
Leesha Lu, Shenzhen, China. Originally from Croydon, UK
Topic: I give hair businesses direct access to hair factories with my 5 years experience living in China and help them grow their online brand.
Results: $25,000
Danielle Netko, Santa Barbara California
Topic: I teach direct sellers how to hold consistent in person parties so they can sell $3000-$5000 per month
Results: $7,500
Mark Wilkes, Brighton/West Sussex/UK
Topic: Rescuing the corporate refugee
Leah Hall , Phoenix, AZ
Topic: BI coach creative women to develop their hobby into a niche brand.
Results: $9000 in course sales. 
Lorell Hall, Orlando, FL
Topic: Training busy entrepreneurs how to use Facebook & Instagram ads to grow sales
Results: $150,000 in course sales
Madi Waggonerm, Colorado Springs
Topic: I teach business owners and startup founders how to save their sanity by systematizing and delegating (and hiring if they don't have the right person to delegate to)
Results: $10,000 and counting!
Pam, New Smyrna Beach, FL
Topic: How to Leverage Home Staging in your Occupied Livings
Nas C.S , Florianopolis, Brazil
Topic: Help mothers launch startups
Results: $16,670 in sales
Monique Bryan, Toronto, Canada
Topic: Build a juicy online persona that has you stand out in your niche
Results: $24,876 through course sales and 1:1 clients
Michelle Capdeau, Louisville, KY
Topic: Pay off your debt using mindset and hands-on tools
Results: $5000 in course sales
Keita Williams, Seattle, WA
Topic: Helping Female Founders shift from frazzled to focused.
Results: $5000 in course sales
Karwanna Dyson, San Francisco, CA
Topic: I teach women and minority entrepreneurs how to land 5-6 figure contracts for their business
Results: $20,000+ in course sales
Josef Hapli, Washington, DC
Topic: Launch your own digital product online

Jessica Bynum, Birmingham, AL
Topic: How to turn your idea into an online business
Jennifer Morris, Colingdale, PA
Topic: We help people start, grow and Sustain their small business
Results: $1000 in course sales so far
Erin Stockwell, Vancouver, BC
Topic: Equipping female entrepreneurs with strategic clarity and confidence to take tangible, tactical, profitable action steps to uplevel their biz
Results: $20,000 in potential new sales revenue from using Tasty Content in my consulting business
Jackie Fleischmann, Toronto, ON
Topic: How to Make Your Pitch for financing or resources relevant and worth considering
Results: $5000+ in course sales

Gina Bianchini, Palo Alto, CA
Topic: How to create a community so valuable you can charge for it, and so well-designed it essentially runs itself.
Results: $30,000 in course sales
Hope Lehman, Oakland, CA
Topic: Teach Women & Queer Entrepreneurs of Color how to launch or grow their business
Results: $8,355 in course sales
- I estimate that I made an additional $10,000 for my business from the marketing skills I gained in the course
Eldonie Mason, Sayreville, NJ
Topic: Learn to form your own company
Courtney Murphy, Dallas, TX
Topic: I teach female entrepreneurs how to get more high ticket clients.
Results: $1750 in course sales

Caili Chung, Berkeley, CA
Topic: Teach wedding and senior photographers to book high-paying, dream clients
Results: $485 in course sales
Raza Imam, Chicago, IL
Topic: How to write and self publish on Amazon
Results: $9000 in course sales

Stephanie Zhong, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Help women entrepreneurs uncover their unique brand story so they can promote with confidence
Results: $2750 in course sales and referrals from my students
Yegor Nadvornyy, Bellevue, WA
Topic: Taking Care of Hair; [Secret one] Helping Exotic Dancers make more money
Results: $2K in test group to collect testimonials

Tamiko Evans, Plainfield, NJ
Topic: Teach business owners and budding entrepreneurs how to amplify their brand and strategically market their business to drive growth just like the biggest agencies for a fraction of the costs
Xani Morton Williams, Chicago, IL
Topic: Help Women Turn Purpose into Profit Online
Results: $23,000 in course sales

Sienna Brown, Javea, Spain
Topic: Discover and score remote work opportunities to build a life you love, anywhere in the world.
Results: $6000 in course sales
R. Darryl Thomas, Chicago, IL
Topic: MUSICIANS WHO MAKE AWESOME MONEY! ™ See How to Hack the Roadmap to Viral. Breakthrough to Astonishing Branding and New Super-Fan™ Growth.

Saravjeet Sandhu, Floral Park, NY
Topic: Teach moms how to start their blog, share their passion and turn it into a successful business
Results: $200 in course sales
Phillip Alexander Robinson, Durham, NC
Topic: Teach personal brands to build awareness through self development
Results: $397 in course sales

Haley Williams, Overland Park, KS
Topic: Help female entrepreneurs launch and grow their business
Results: $3,000 in sales.
Colin Seale, Phoenix, AZ
Topic: Help parents with unmotivated and under achieving children
Results: Grew email list from 0 to 100, 13% IG growth, new frameworks and outlines created for new course...all in under 2 weeks!
Bridget L Brandon, Washington, DC
Topic:  Spanish language fluency
Results: Learned various strategic method such as interviews and email list building. I also like the community coaching aspect because I get to have my questions answered.
Topic: Nursing with finesse
Results: Was able to grow email list, made 4x of our initial CFS investments back only for 2 launches and doubled the initial price point.
Karissa Spann, Washington, DC
Topic: Landlord and tenant coaching
Results: Have grown my email list within 24 hours. Gained the confidence to do a full launch.
McKesur Finch, Atlanta, GA
Topic: The power of one life coach
Results: I learned how to value and monetize my course and how to reach more clients.
Ronnie Thomas, Atlanta, GA
Topic:  Learning science at an early age
Results: I was able to connect to other class member who gave me an opportunity to bring fun weird science on national stage and the video got 34K views.
Sequoia Blodgett, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: How to launch a high quality podcast
Results: Learned various marketing strategies and the tasty content.
Xavier Allen, Cleveland, OH
Topic: How to be good at Math
Results: It gave me the opportunity to create my own online course.
Jamilah Bashir, Philadelphia, PA
Topic: How to interpret child's IEP
Results: Learned PCP interviews and email list building.
Gigi Townsend, Albuquerque, NM
Topic: Transformational coaching for those who want to learn what true Gospel-centered racial reconciliation is, why it is an act of justice, and practical ways to live that out.  
Rashawn Williams, Lakeland,F L
Topic: Ignite the Love of Reading in all students
Jennifer Hoffman, New York, NY
Topic: Go from Course to Kingdom with Course Funnels
Results: Negative :) Opened a biz line of credit
Alisa Owens, Oakland, CA
Topic: Help service based entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants) who want to up-level their business and grow their revenue using a high performing sales team.sales team.
Results: I made $4,500 from enrolling 1:1 clients as beta tests
Michelle Ousley, Killeen/Fort Hood, TX
Topic: Modern Social Media Marketing & Masterclass "Marketing With Michelle
Results: $1,200 in in course sales
Maevette Allen Edwards, Chicago, IL
Topic: An online training platform for busy caregivers who need help managing the curly to coily hair of loved ones ages 3 to 103.
Results: $750 from 1:1 training's.
Nadine Valme, Brooklyn, NY
Topic: Help moms to be learn and use self hypnosis for a natural childbirth
Patrick Szeflinski, Massapequa, NY
Topic: The parenting cure: Create work life balance for busy parents who need time to themselves and more quality time with their family
Ish Ganda, Jessup MD
Topic: Active Destinies By Pursuing Your Unique Purpose
Results: $1,000 in coure sales
Suzanne Stevens, Provo, UT
Topic: Help women find relief from acid reflux and enjoy eating again.
Sharon Francis, Oroville, CA
Topic: Teaching Promoters, Investors and Music Lovers how to run a Successful 1 - 3 Day Festival
Tia Pugh, Tennessee
Topic: Helping women discover their purpose so they can turn them into profitable opportunities.
Results: Over $5,000 in course sales
Lauren Boniface, London
Topic: I teach visual artists how to launch their brand online
Results: $597 in course sales
Kristiana White, Boca Raton, FL
Topic: Teach minorities how to plan and budget for travel.
Theola DeBose, Washington, DC
Topic: Teach journalists to remix their job skills and find new careers
Results: $5,000 in course sales
Delisa Richardson, St Louis MO
Topic: End Relationships with Unavailable Men
Kizmat Tention, Marietta, GA
Topic: Build your Biz as a Mediator outside of the Courtroom
Results: Approximately $2000 teaching workshops at the University. As of now, I opted to receive a scholarship instead of the money from the course as a Graduate Research Assistant with a $6000 stipend. S
Tanya Hood, Washington, DC
Topic: Help people overcome their relationship hurdles
Trina Martin, Houston, TX
Topic: Live on Intention
Katherine Mesa, Elizabeth, NJ
Topic: Teach future Self Realization Teachers on how to always come back to the moment and own their true medicine/purpose
Results:  Was able to bring forth series of my work
Carlos Thomas, Memphis, TN
Topic: Teach individuals how to start a trucking company
Results: $6,500 in course sales
Olga Lechuga, Suisun City, CA
Topic: I help Christian singles to find passion and purpose to walk towards the life and relationship they have always desired!
Deborah Whisby-Ferguson, Loxahatchee, FL
Topic: To be a police officer
Genia Hale, Houston, TX
Topic: Tools for mother’s and daughters to deepens their sisterships
Kason Morris, Doylestown, PA
Topic: Future-proofing your career and business
Stacy McLean, Brooklyn
Topic: Teaching moms of Autistic children to thrive and create a powerful, juicy life for themselves and have them and their family WIN!
Nicole (Nik) Sallie Franklin, Austin, TX
Topic: Teach entrepreneurs how to create a cohesive brand and brand style guide.
Results: $127 in course sales
Janelle Stuart, Evanston, IL
Topic: Educating Parents on ways to invest in their children
Nichole Felton-Williams, Newburgh, NY
Topic: I teach Self-love to teens and women can recognize their true worth so they can find there purpose.
Results: $1,300 in coure sales
Pamela Lue-Hing, Dallas, TX
Topic: Teach women 40 and over how to transition from traditional careers to entrepreneurship
Results: $497 (+$300 from the first incomplete launch) and $797 so far and haven't launched officially and I haven't finished the course yet
Charles Henry, Miami, FL
Topic: Helping people move past being held back by math
Patricia Christian, Medford, NY
Topic: How to find your purpose, passion, and set goals to reach your dream.
Results: Face to Face group $1,999. I expect to earn $5,000 additionally once I launch
Dilenny Guzman, New York, NY
Topic: Career Empowerment
Dretona Maddox, Riverside, CA
Topic: Help youth advocates become certified teen parent advocates
Results: Help youth advocates become certified teen parent advocates
Taria Avery, Media, PA
Topic: Teach career changers or pet professionals how to create a 6-figure pet care business within 6 months.
Results: So far, with the in-person coaching, I have generated $1,500
Sakile Ramir Speller, USA
Topic: Helping Homeschoolers provide an Exciting and Exceptional Homeschooling Experience on the Road/ World Schooling/ the World is our Classroom
Results: $2,000 and $550 speaking engagement
Mahdi Chambers, Charlotte, NC
Topic: How to turn your concept into a business
Jennifer Alvarezs, San Francisco, CA
Topic: Empower women to walk in the fullness of their purpose
Results: $22,480 in course sales
Ray Jackson, Houston, TX
Topic: Help corporate professionals get promoted into jobs that don't exist yet
Nicole Nabors, Rochester, NY
Topic: I teach Self acceptance using Biblical principles.
Results: $800 in coure sales
Christoph Weigert, Berlin
Topic: Find your passion
Linda Ho, Tauranga, New Zealand
Topic: Female Entrepreneurs thinking and growing rich
Results: $1,194 in course sales
Bita, Mission Viejo, CA
Topic: Frustrated professionals need an authentic, intentional life too
Ebony Daniels, Vail, AZ
Topic: I teach a stress-free way for families to give their kids a financial roadmap for understanding money, how to create a viable business and build a legacy they can be proud of in less than 45 days.
Results: I anticipate earning an additional $2,500 once my course launches online. My MVC launch date is Nov 22nd. 
Aliya Amershi, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Topic: Helping new entrepreneurs, especially non-technical women entrepreneurs, who feel stuck and overwhelmed by technology, on how to quickly start building their awesome app idea today without having to learn how to code or without hiring expensive developers.
Results: $25,000 in coure sales
Michelle Carrizosa, Seattle
Topic: Teach professional women how to land a high paying job in Tech.
Samantha Thompson, Macon, GA
Topic: Help students write proficiently on grade level
Jackie Jackson, Orlando, FL
Topic: Creative Real Estate Investing For Women
Results: $21,000 and $11,000 in course sales
Niki Inmon , Apopka FL
Topic: Help women find the courage to birth naturally
Kimberly McClearn, Niceville, FL
Topic: Guide women from a state of despair to a place of empowerment.
Results: $50 from a 1:1 coaching client
Mutsa Samuel, Harare, Zimbabwe
Topic: Help people stuck in jobs they don't like to transition to doing things that bring purpose, value, creativity and growth through rediscovering why they exist and sharing that with the world.
Miko Lau, Antioch, CA
Topic: Help people go from employee to entrepreneur mindset
Cherice Taylor , Chicago, IL
Topic: Teach women who see how to build a core wardrobe that the sew for themselves
Daria Wright, Edgewater, NJ
Topic: Teach Hairstylists/Makeup Artists how to go from behind the chair to behind the scenes in TV& Film
Results: $1,794 in course sales
Darcy Skye Holoweski, Detroit, MI
Topic: Make your sales conversations a sacred space
Results: $20,000 in course sales
Melinda Jackson, Cleveland, OH
Topic: Help people go from employee to entrepreneur mindset
Victoria Randle , Atlanta, GA
Topic: Help nurses become entrepreneurs with their own CNA school
Results: $55,000 in course sales
Bella Shing, Santa Cruz, CA
Topic: Helping women who desire love to connect with the Beloved Within and learn how to rewire their nervous system to expect love and pleasure so they attract wonderful relationship(s)
Results: $4,000 in course sales
Nakita Bowman, Houston, TX
Topic: I empower parents to prepare their children to gain great positioning so they can get a scholarship and admission into top tier schools.
Heather C, Haymarket, VA
Topic: I teach photographers how to become fully booked & create profitable photography businesses.
Results:  $67,000+ and an additional 10k from 1:1 clients after using Danielle's phone consult script!
Jada Hartfield , Huntsville, AL
Topic: Master It All: creating and maintaining balance
Justine Baruch, Littleton, CO
Topic: Sex Ed for grown ups
Sabrina Walker Hernandez, Edinburg, TX
Topic: Teach not for profit and for profit business people how to build relationships
Results: I have just started in the program. But I learned how to not under value my services and charge accordingly.
Dawn, Cleveland, OH
Topic: Teach creative professionals how to leverage their skillsets to make more money
Brittany King , Houston, TX
Topic: How to Build and Monetize a God-Centered Brand in 60 days or less
Emily Timmons, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada
Topic: Help moms create their ideal healthy lifestyle
Sharon Hundley, Smithfield, VA 
Topic: How to grow your business without the burnout by establishing a team
Results: $3,485 but more with my membership and over $5,000
LaShandra Batiste, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Enriching Prosperity
Results: I learned the value of creating an online course and how you can reach more people. Also how to add value to your course by creating a unique methodology.
Pam Hopgood, New Smyrna Beach, FL
Topic: How to do home staging on occupied homes
Results: Has given me the focus to get it going and stop procrastinating.
Taneisha W, Atlanta, GA
Topic: Property management
Results: I gained confidence on working a proper format in creating a content.
Tarryn TheTaxLady, Mableton, GA
Topic: Taxes
Results: I learned how to create my MVC and how to do PCP interview.
Carol Hunter, Chattanooga, TN 
Topic: Help women achieve financial freedom
Results: $77,000 in 5 months.
Daniel Hunt, Eau Claire, WI
Topic: How to optimize your financial systems
Results: $5,000 earnings.
James Turner ,
Topic: Real estate investing
Results: Allowed me to think differently about building a course, made $17,000 in less than 30 days.
Ruth Turner, Detroit, MI
Topic: Personal Financial Planning.
Brandy Avery, Columbus, OH
Topic: Help individuals develop financial education programs
Results: $40,000 in course sales
Angela Matthews, Dallas, TX
Topic: I help non-investors by teaching them simple easy techniques for investing in the stock market.
Results: $250,000 and $5,000 from speaking also $10,000 from consulting
Sasha Washington, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Effective Retirement Planning & The Importance of Life Insurance and Asset Protection
Anjali Pradhan, Montreal, Canada
Topic: Investing for Women
Results: $20,000 in course sales
Danielle (Walker) Beck, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Teach real estate agents how to be Recession Proof
Shaquanna Wilson, Augusta, GA
Topic: Invest in realestate on the side of your busy schedule
Results: $10,000 in course sales
Yemi Morrison,Lagos, Nigeria
Topic: Teach entrepreneurs how to manage their finances
Kanisha Frazier, Houston, TX
Topic: Break the curse of lack and scarcity; And understand the true value of money And attain financial abundance
Results: $100 in course sales
Kelsey Yeager, Vernon, CT
Topic: Help millennials manage money
Results: $3,900 in course sales
Carol Hunter, Chattanooga, TN
Topic: Teach new investors how to avoid the pitfalls and acquire first property in 30 days.
Results: $97,000 in course sales
K. Kenneth Davis,Princeton, NJ
Topic: Teach Queer Professionals Investments & Passive Income manage their finances
Results: $500 in course sales
Christelle Saintis, Boston, MA
Topic: Help adventurous people learn how to travel and make money teaching
Tahlia Reynolds, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Topic: Teach perfectionists how to get moving and translate their intentions into reality.
Results: $1,200 in course sales
Cleo Childress, Dallas, TX
Topic: Stop living paycheck to paycheck
Results: $994 and Earned $1,850 for speaking engagement and writing an article.
Monica Hershaft, San Diego, CA
Topic: Chronic symptoms and diagnosis
Results: $7500 in sales so far. I have three partner launches coming up that are going to be really successful.
Stephanie David, Kamuela HI
Topic:  Teaches transformational  meal prep
Results: $7,976 presale.
Swazette Carlos, Newport News, VA
Topic: Alkaline Vegan Girls
Results: I launched within 30 days of enrolling and earned $4,300.
Layne Linebaugh, Reno, NV
Topic: Transforming anxiety to energy 
Results: grow email list and Instagram followers.
Lisa A. Smith, Detroit, MI
Topic: Plant Based Nutrition
Results: $3,407 on first launched. 
Helanah, Philadelphia, PA
Topic: Holistic health hacks
Results: I gained confidence on how to premium priced my product.
Joy Dixon, Tallahassee, FL
Topic: Kick sugar cravings using plant-based diet
Results: Was able to learn how to price things and the tasty content.
Kimberly Joy Morgan, Greenville, SC
Topic: The Gut-Brain connection
Results: I've reevaluated my current pricing system and was able to charge 3x more than what I was charging.
Lorenzo McCoy, Sycamore, IL
Topic: Using neuroplasticity to help people get in shape
Results: Taught me to work with numbers in order to achieve my target income and learned how to put my advertisement on facebook so that I can get those calls.
Martine Charles, Gatineau, Québec
Topic: Enjoying life while you lose weight
Results: It opened my mind on different tools that I could use in creating my course content.
Yvonne Jones Lembo, Camden, DE
Topic: How to activate your inner healer through holistic juicing
Results: 5 for 5 in PCP Pre-Sale Calls! (= $3,985 total).
Shade Shakur, Durham, NC
Topic: How to cleanse your mind and body
Results: I made $497 and I grew my IG following from 400 to over 1400!
Sonya Fox (Vurde), Washington, DC
Topic: Obtaining better alignment with your mind, body and spirit
Results: Helped me organized my thoughts and figure out my MVC.
Irene Keys, Dallas, TX
Topic: Prep your way to health
Results: Learned MVC method and to stop procrastinating.
Cindy Goodson, Warner Robins, GA
Topic: Secrets to heal your body naturally
Results: $8,887 earnings.
Amiee Woods, Atlanta, GA
Topic: Help visionary professionals to release baggage and cultivate their dreams.
Kat Andrews, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Teach women how to maximize their health and wellness using 21st tools and techniques
Shari Campbell, Boston, MA
Topic: Lose weight through creating a sustainable fitness lifestyle
Results: $12,622.75 in course sales
Becca Marshall, Miami, FL
Topic: Guide helping/healthcare/wellness professionals to actively incorporate mindfulness, mind-body based self-care into their personal & professional lives.
Lauren Whitehouse, Santa Monica, CA
Topic: Help women tackle their chronic health problems
Results: $1,394 in course sales
Sara, Fullerton, CA
Topic: Teach women mindful eating to free them from dieting and self hate
Results: $800+ additional one on one coach income so far. 
Roxanne Postell, BHuger, SC
Topic: Help women with chronic illnesses defeat the mental health side of their physical illness.
Antonya Raymond, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Topic: Create a wellness platform for artists and the general public.
Ryan Crofford, Dayton, OH
Topic: Keto Diet
Results: $4,970 in course sales
Kimberly Morgan, Jupiter, FL
Topic: I teach busy woman how to shop, cook, eat, live so they can accompish their dreams with energy and zeal.  I focus on Gut Health Brain/Health connection..
Results: $30,000 in course sales
Maegan Ratliff Long Island City, NY
Topic: Self Massage for Busy Millennials
Results: Speaking Engagements $2,000  and 1:1s , $1,000
Ebony Robinson, Inglewood,CA
Topic: Teach people how to use accountability and responsibility to create a life of balance
Nina Fuentes, Columbus, IN
Topic: I teach women how to shrink their waste and grow a booty on a vegan diet.
Results: $14,500 in course sales
Yasmin Theresa Garcia, Brooklyn, NY
Sheila Janan, Austin, TX
Topic: Help women tap into their intuition to heal their ailments (physical & mental) from the inside out by awakening their inner heath guru so they can live the life of their dreams..
Megan Grace, Portland, OR
Topic: Women Cultivating Confidence in Community
Caroline Ashurst, Philadelphia PA
Topic: Help women who are trying to conceive transform their body, mind, and spirit
Results: $3,085 in course sales
Trisha Smith, Toronto Canada
Topic: Helping women Overcome stress and depression naturally
Results: $1,400 in course sales
Fanerra Walker, Brooklyn, NY
Topic: Culinary Course teaching Stress- Free Meal Prep to Busy Women
Bobby Price, Atlanta, GA
Topic: Empower individuals to find their inner self and answer the question: Who am I?
Results: $2,000 in course sales
Sonia Fourie, U.K.
Topic: Help women who are trying to conceive transform their body, mind, and spirit
Results: £7,000 in course sales
Suzette Phinn, Bridgeport, Ct/Fairfield
Topic: Help women to heal fibroids with proper nutrition
Monica Hershaft, San Diego, CA
Topic: How to heal from your chronic mystery illness and get your health back and keep it! Treat the Source...Not the Symptom.
Results: $4,013 in course sales
Annie Sarault, MacDonalds Corners, Ontario, Canada
Topic: Yoga
Erica Otto, St. Augustine, Florida/USA
Topic: Help chronic pain sufferers heal internally to find joy, gratitude and purpose.
Jamie Sabel, Chicago, IL
Topic: Life Transformation - regaining control of your weight, health, and happiness
Results: $643 in course sales
Annette James, Portland, OR
Topic: Help dieters mindfulness practices that can lead to greater enjoyment of life, better coping with difficult emotions and craving states, shifting away from a “diet mentality”, and improved concentration
Results: $3,960 in course sales
Essence Revealed, Brooklyn, NY
Topic:  40 Day Strip Away
Results: earned $1,000 from pre-selling.
L. Denise Jackson, Washington,D.C
Topic: Leadership Development
Results: $6,000 on her first pilot.
Dena Carter,
Topic: Teaches women how to release anxiety and let go of fears. Also teaches how to embodies self-love and confidence
Results: CFS helped me to get more serious about my business. The perfect client profile helped me get clearer and get down to the essence of focusing not only to "what" I can offer but also to "who".
Cora Cofin, Chicago, IL
Topic: Self-coaching toolkit
Results: The course provided me the tools that simplified the process and provided me clarity. The program answered my "HOW" and I was able to saved energy and let me focus on the content. I also like Danielle's positive energy - it is contagious!
Grace Redman, San Francisco, CA
Topic:  How to diminish negative mental chatter
Results: Increased my IG followers from 300 to over 1655 and growing
Learned how to grow my email list.
Dr. Heather Simone, Somerset, NJ
Topic: The diamond advantage
Results: I was able to create my signature framework called "PRISM", learned how to create tasty content.
Joy Asibey, Toronto, ON, Canada
Topic: How to live a life with less hassle and more joy
Results: I learned that it is possible for me to start even I don't have a huge following yet.
Joy Perreras, Auburn, CA
Topic: Reboot life and do what you want with ease and grace
Results: 30 to 300 in IG followers in a week, gained confidence in online branding and marketing with low to no tech.
Maya Tyler, Clinton, MD
Topic:  Rebuilding lives after a great loss
Results: Gave me explicit direction on how to create and advertise my course.
Natalia Shelton, Chicago, IL
Topic: Overcoming internal and external battles through biblical principles
Results: I've doubled my email list, started the marketing strategy, got plenty of engagement and talked to 14 PCP's.
Sabrina Garba, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Find and hone your expertise and be a thought leader
Results: Gave me an easy way to create an automated program.
Sacred Walker, Brooklyn, NY 
Topic: Transform stress and unleash higher vision of excellence 
Results: It helped my company go from bootstrapping to now having a growth goal on point.
Shelby Lafrinere, Denver, CO
Topic: Be stress-less and enjoy more
Results: 4,000 followers in 2 months.
Vanessa Nicholson
Topic: How to be natural and happy for being who you are
Results: I'm happy with all the helpful materials provided online.
Abiola Makanjuola, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Topic: Finding confidence to live a life in purpose and freedom
Results: Earned $2,000.
Angel, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Unlock your uniqueness
Results: I gained confidence to put together a premium.
Ashley Harris
Topic: Discover your purpose
Results: $2,500 in course sales.
Asriel, Oklahoma
Topic: Finding your true self worth
Results: The PCP interviews blew away my insights, it gave me a lot of ideas and a new course route.
Ebony Evaughn, Little Rock, AR
Topic: Help women discover their purpose
Results: $11,870 in sales, enrolled 11 new students in just week.
Joan Ramon Mestre Pérez, Oliva, Valencia/Spain
Topic: To teach how to improve wellness and quality of live trougth tai chi and personal development
Dominique Prosper, Houston, TX
Topic: How to turn your expertise into a course
Results: $4,000
Tom Williamson, Brooklyn, NY
Topic: Self Empowerment through emotional awareness
Results: $4,970
Stacey Hines, Kingston, Jamaica
Topic: Help women discover their purpose
Results: $1,200 and $9,000 from coaching
Angela Powell, Lee’s Summit
Topic: Faith Key or Keys of Faith
Dina Gregory, New York, NY
Topic: The Heroines Journey Home
Novia Reid, Miami, FL
Topic: Help women unleash unconditional Selflove
Stacy Vason, Memphis TN
Topic: Help people identify and get pass blocks in their lives in the area of life that matters to them most.
Doreene Hamilton, Los Angeles
Topic: Manifesting Your Desires in 30 Days (working title)
Results: $1,000
Sandy Gordon, Rosemead,CA/USA
Topic: Thriving with depression
Eran Afner, Seattle, WA
Topic: Help Gen x’ers & millennials tune in to their soul self and pinpoint their purpose
Tiffany Simpson-Crumpley, Atlanta, GA
Topic: Transforming childhood trauma into thriving lives
Angela Nichole, Clovis, CA
Topic: Empowering woman to find their purpose so they can leave a legacy for their families
Results: I have not been paid yet, however, I was asked to speak as a virtual speaker for a Millionairess Conference.
Miranda Manie, Queens, NY
Topic: Help people going through the anxiety/depression of relationships, breakups, breakdowns find & prioritize themselves
Kat Ford, Glen Allen, VA
Topic: Helping student design their own learning style to become successful students
Lenise Dazzel-Harris, Bronx, NY
Topic: How to Restore Self Love
Results: $1,800
Yolonda C Jones, Charlottesville, VA 
Topic: Self-Awareness & Personal Empowerment
Results: $2500 and $1,000
Lesley Lane (Lasseter), Boston, MA
Topic: Reconnect & Create Your Desired Life with Vision and Mind Mapping
Chris Ward Jr, New Jersey
Topic: I Educate Millennials thru Emotional Debt to Emotional Wealth ▪️Tough Year? Y The Skill Of #SelfAwareness is exactly the Change U Need
Kevin Bozeman, Detroit, MI
Topic: Help singles over 35 develop X-Ray Vision for Dating
Results: $13,294
Sharmayne Jenkins, St. Albans, NY
Topic: Accelerated reinventions for black woman feeling stuck
Results: $5,000 and $4,000 from a professional development after a person attended my free masterclass
Meghan Thomas, Phoenix, NY
Topic: How to be empowered on a journey of fertility
Kayla Trautwein, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Topic: Inner Peace for Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs
Kevin Cunningham, Chicago
Topic: Helping others find their innate potential and utilizing it to its optimal level for personal success.
Denekqua Demetrius, Laurelton, NY
Topic: Help 30+ who have peaked in their current job position learn how to activate their attributes, and regain confidence to find their purpose.
Lav Chintapalli, Austin, TX
Topic: Helping ambitious women find their voice, gain confidence and achieve career success
Brooke Mann, Boston, MA
Topic: Becoming your own healer to overcome mental illness, chronic pain, and trauma
Laura Lohk, Poole,UK
Topic: I help people to get confident in following their dreams
Results: £895
Rae Rose, San Diego
Topic: Write Yourself Happy
Tomasina Chupco, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Topic: Teaching women how to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors and dive deep into their most authentic selves to create healthy boundaries and relationships
Natasha Latimer, Lake Elsinore, CA
Topic: Helping single women become ready for marriage
Results: $497
Aliyah Sulaiman, Oakland, CA
Topic: Stress relief and finding breakthroughs in discovering your own gifts
Sonia Fourie, U.K.
Topic: Empower individuals to answer the question: who am I?
Results: £3,000 a month
Tiffany Hinton, Honolulu, HI
Topic: I help mamas navigating complex change and transition learn how to strategically plan their lives according to their vision, values, and whole self
Sunstorm Collins, Houston, TX
Topic: Alchemy and the Subconscious
Theresa Ginter, Whistler,BC,Canada
Topic: Teach High achievers who are lost to re-create purpose
Results: $5,000
Drs.Vandy Barbara Colter, Kissimee, FL
Topic: How to create your happily ever after 
Results: Just launching 1st course 9/17/18) but coursefromscratch has given us the how to's and blueprint to launch the right way.
Edward Johnson,
Topic: Teaches women how to solve the question "why I am not married yet"
Results: CFS has given me the framework to develop a curriculum. I've learned the techniques and the language to communicate my message successfully.
Erica Parks, Atlanta, GA
Topic:  Capitalizing on your relationships
Results: Taught me to develop the lay out for my course.
Jillian Turecki, Brookyn, NY
Topic: How to overcome devastating break up
Results: I was able to overcome my fear over technology, $10,000 MVC launch.
Krystal Holmes, Atlanta, GA
Topic: How to attract the man of your dreams
Results: I was able to build my self confidence and helped me moved forward to the next level.
Peta Williams, Vero Beach, FL
Topic: Emotional intimacy for couples
Results: Learned a strategic way to execute our marketing and get butts in seats.
Shawn E. Costley, Huntsville, AL
Topic:  What people should do before getting married
Results: Grew my email list to 250 people.
Tenille Richardson-Quamina, Davie, FL
Topic: How to help couples prevent online infidelity
Results: I have increased my email subscription list from 1 to 107 and counting.
Thomas Taylor III, Atlanta, GA
Topic: Helping those who grew up without a father
Results: It helped me utilized my intellectual property to create tasty content.
Drea Wright, Cleveland, OH
Topic: Finding a common ground to relate each other
Results: Love all the provided materials, it's very helpful.
Alysha Price
Topic: Relationships/Co-Parenting
Results: $7,000 client, 2 Speaking Engagements, 3x Instagram following,
Alicia Ortiz, Boston, MA
Topic: Communication and healthy relationships
Corlandos Scott, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Help hopeful parents navigate the Surrogacy Path
Results: I've earned an additional $1,500 from a speaking engagement, and I basically used my TASTY Content methodology to craft my entire talk.
LaShandra Batiste, Northridge, CA
Topic: Teach men and women who want to improve their life and build better relationships
Carla Lindsay, Rex,GA
Topic: Teach single high achieving women to get back in to the dating scene by helping them with their online profiles
Jordan Matthews, Denver, CO
Topic: Cultivate healthy relationship habits
Results: $900 and $350 from one on one clients
Khaiim Kelly, Hartford, CT
Topic:  Making a living from your passion
Results: $1600 from first launched.
Daniel Tredo, Buffalo, NY
Topic: How to think like God -Transforming your life from the inside-out
Results: The course helped me overcome obstacles that I have over the last 2 years of figuring it out. It introduced me to zero technology concept. Danielle also taught me a system and a brilliant methodology called the "MVC".
Nicole Watkins, Asheville, NC
Topic: Teaches mature women how to channel their attention to uplift their life
Results: $1450 earnings.
Cheryl Santiago, Silver Spring, MD
Topic: Help frustrated job seekers focus on important things that will help them find job faster
Results: I love the way how Danielle named the course concept to make it stick like the MVC. I also like the Q&A calls, Danielle authentically addresses each and everybody's questions and it almost feel like a 1:1 coaching.
Jenn Alvarez, San Francisco. CA
Topic: Women Empowerment
Results: $6,000 earnings.
Daryl Satcher, Oak Park, IL
Topic: Teaches artist how to fire their boss and fearlessly live their purpose
Results: I like the MVC and tasty content. I also love the way Danielle teaches. She gives clear direction.
Carlos Williams, Honolulu, HI
Topic: Help business owners transform their lives by overcoming procrastination
Results: CFS helped me get past prior blocks to get to the point that I'm ready to launch my course.
Cassandra Bradford
Topic: What is the government's attraction to entrepreneurs
Results: I went from day in and day out 1:1 with my clients to launching my course and earned $40,000 in my first launch. 
Jarod Anderson, Atlanta, GA
Topic: Transforming creativity and ideas into product and service
Results: $500 as a result of my PCP calls, overcome my limited mindset.
Katherine Mitsopoulos, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Topic: Enabling women to take ownership and leadership
Results: I was attracted to the marketing aspects of it and how it will actually work for me.
Kelly Jorae, Atlanta, GA
Topic: How to clear your mind and clense your body
Results: I have created a solid online product because of CFS.
La TaSha Levy, Seattle, WA
Topic: How to debunk racial ignorance
Results: I was motivated and inspired to push through my online course.
Nicole Ben, Baltimore, MD
Topic: How to create innovative ideas with little time and money
Results: Had grown my email list from 71 to over 800 and IG following from 500 to over 5000, helped me transform my posts into TASTY content.
Patricia Reid-Waugh, Kingston, Jamaica
Topic: Retirement - how to prepare for it
Results: I learnt the importance of delivering tasty content and how to price my course.
Rev. Tony Aguilar, Brooklyn, NY
Topic: How to increase church membership numbers
Results: Gained confidence on how to market and price the course.
Sharon Elizabeth Hundley, Smithfield, VA
Topic: Building a team that you love
Results: Allowed me to have time back with my family and myself by adopting the course process.
Tarla Makaeff, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: How to build your dreams online
Results: I learned how to pre-sell and appropriately charge my course.
Vivian Hughes, Dallas, TX
Topic: Bringing your visions and goals into reality
Results: Gave me the confidence and the framework to present myself as an expert. Earned $2,844.
Zeraka Mitchell, Oakland, CA
Topic: Public Speaking
Results: Gave me confidence in my skills and to price my course at a value that honors my time and energy.
Andreea Grad, Oakland, CA
Topic: Help women create more joy
Results: Inspired me to take the steps and gave me resources to make my plan possible.
Anna Brunelle, North Hampton, MA
Topic: Help women Declutter their lives
Results: Gave me a healing moment when I realized I should price my course in premium.
Axél Carrasquillo, Detroit, MI
Topic: Help Lightworkers heal trauma
Results: $2,000 within 3 days.
Bianca Cherry, Miami, FL
Topic: Law of Attraction
Results: I now have the confidence that my vision is attainable.
Carly Helfand, Chicago, IL
Topic: Maximizing travel rewards points
Results: $4,500 earnings, increased Instagram followers to 6500.
Cici Gunn, Montgomery, AL
Topic: Digital Products
Results: Gave me the opportunity to reached different types of audience.
Doctor Tk, Compton, CA
Topic: Empowering life
Results: $3,000 first course sales, doubled social media following.
Erin White, Atlanta, GA
Topic: Customer Experience
Results: $1,500 in sales.
Monique Hogan, Los Angeles, CA
Topic: How event planners can make a six figure salary without a celebrity client
Elaine Wellman, Weehawken NJ
Topic: Learn how to plan, promote and profit your own live events and retreats
Results: $7,785 and $6000 student bought another program and hired me to plan her small event
Karl M, Houston, TX
Topic: Become an Amazing Wedding MC Using Your Gift.
Results: From a consulting side, without trying to, I've earned about $5000 sharing what I know.
Robyn Maitland, Richmond, VA
Topic: Awakening to Spiritual Genius
Results: $2,000
Christina Gomes, Ojai, CA
Topic: Unhook from clutter by discovering secrets buried in your stuff
Results: I'm booking more one-on-one in home coaching jobs with the confidence I gained working on my course
Javier Morales, Weehawken NJ
Topic: Turn Oracle it professionals into databases Performance Tuning Experts
Deneene Collins, Tucson, AZ
Topic: Ultimate Book-Publishing Blueprint How to Self-Publish in 60 Days or Less with Global Distribution
Results: I've earned at least an additional $1,500 from speaking engagements and numerous online interview invitations which are paying off. I've received television show invites, I've been on two telesummits and I've had someone invest $18,000 on my behalf so I could be part of a special network of entrepreneurs.
Valentin Bikibili, Philadelphia, PA 
Topic: Help young talented soccer players to market their soccer talents
Ria Mishaal, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, England
Topic: Photography training for creative entrepreneurs
Results: £6382 (approx $7680) and £1894 from 1:1 coaching so far (approx $2280)"
Ayofemí Akinyelé, San Diego, CA
Topic: How to cultivate a relationship with your womb & tap into your Divine Feminine energy.
Results: $3,350
Anita Mitchell, Baltimore, MD
Topic: Affording Travel
Darius Allen Livingston Mills, Goyang-si, South Korea
Topic: I teach aspiring Hoodoo practitioners how to transform their life’s using Hoodoo as a spiritual practice
Results: $8,000
Hear from more Members
I implemented an Instagram automation Danielle recommended. One word: EPIC! Within in a week I gained over 150 followers in 3 days and landed a client who purchased a $1200 package from me for publishing. The way I priced my packages was because of her knowledge and insight.
Chasity Hampton
Using Danielle's amazing MVC system, I made $14,967 in revenue in 7 days. This program has taught me how to package my knowledge in a useful way, identify the RIGHT clients, and communicate value to potential clients. The MOST important thing it's taught me is to cut all the fluff (webinars, decks, etc) and directly sell my MVC using a process that was enjoyable for both sides.
Nicaila Matthews Okome
Total from Course From Scratch is $1.5k with minimal effort. This course led me to writing my "coming out blog" post that has been my #1 draw on my email list and in a way formed my identity as "the queen of slaying your goals." The email challenge helped me gain my first 100 subscribers, my list organically grown to over 3K now. 

All of this to say, that this course has given me the confidence that I can successful launch and make $20K. I know what I'm doing thanks to Danielle. I didn't before, I didn't believe I could actually do this. I have a strategy and a plan to follow. 
Nadalie Bardowell
I have increased my confidence, been pushed to start, step by step on how tonlaunch my new course, how to learn my perfect customer has been super wonderful and beneficial for my business. I am in pre sale and I have one person who made a deposit, 2 waiting to follow up with, and further interviews set up. I feel that I can make the money I’ve aways wanted to! 
Taneisha Naylor
60 new email subscribers in 7 days, 1400 followers on IG, It has given me the tools on how to structure an online course. Actually launching is a win, because I have been thinking about it for a long time
Monique Bery
 The program has allowed me to take action on a passion project I've been putting off for almost two years. I am a bit of a perfectionist and have so many ideas but wasn't sure where to start. The modules in #CFS and Danielle's MVC have forever changed my urge to seek the non-existent Perfect brand. 
Constance Anderson
 I've always heard 20% of the effort gets you the results you want, but no one has been able to successfully teach me what the 20% is, until now. Danielle is teaching the way to your SIMPLE, SUCCESSFUL, & SUSTAINABLE launch.
Lyn Tally
I am inspired, super excited, and have the momentum to actually birth my course and business! I have the tools, resources, and support from Danielle to make this happen and to be a true reality in my life. 
Dánesha "Ayofemí " Anderson
I’ve been blown away by the response my 1st #TASTY post is receiving on Instagram. 
It has gotten over 600 likes / 140 comments and I’ve gotten 30 interested leads who opted in with their email addresses. All with only 2K followers! 
Faith James
I have learned to showcase my storytelling gift, which has measurably improved my IG post content. I have gained the mental clarity and emotional intelligence needed so that I can charge what I am truly worth. 
Michele Tapp Roseman 
#CFS has given me the confidence and clarity that I was looking for. The roadmap provided keeps me on track and always knowing what to go back to and tweak or check off. That means more than $ for me at this point. I gained 2,700 email subs since first starting two months ago. Woop!
Lorell Hollandd
Just by following Danielle's system, I got insights into my potential clients' most pressing challenges and I enrolled 7 people into my course.                                
Titilayo Tinubu Ali
100 email subscribers in 7 days, increased my understanding of what attracts buyers and how to price packages. 
 I have enrolled 1 client at $397 and I finished my freebie, course content and course workbook within a week of joining this course. I have 5 more subscribers as well! The biggest #win is the organization of my thoughts and plans for my course. It has helped me materialize what has been in my mind for so long! 
Dawn McKinnis
Before CFS, I made $800 with the launch of my course. I’ve launched twice since completing CFS and my latest launch was almost $5,000! Im getting ready to launch again and I’m on target to double that last figure!
Dorianne St Fleur
I gained 100 email subscribers in 7 days.  #CourseFromScratch has pushed me into the direction of productivity while maintaining a positive mind set.
Courtney Smith
My email list is up 75 subscribers since joining #CFS. My Instagram is booming with tons more engagement, and more people reaching out on DM to collaborate.  I am in conversations about writing a book with someone I met through using Danielle's strategies on IG.
Marie Deveaux
4200 emails in 5 days. 24 people interested in my course that I haven’t completed yet. I guess govt contracts are hot!
Cassandra Bradford Wilson
In 7 days I have subscribed 30 (very excited!) followers to my early-bird email list who want to know the minute my course launches. I've also added another 50 to my list who are super keen to watch my first Webinar next week. So that's 80 people, without running ads or sending ANY spammy messages!
Kate Whillock
Enrolled a student into my course, and added 70 new people to my e-mail list. I learned from Danielle how to improve my workshops to get people to purchase my course. Danielle's advice on how to conduct a sales call was extremely helpful.
Tiffany Smith
I've been able to stand out and get paid for it. I've had 40 email subscribes in 7 days. I've made 333 so far on a payment plan with one pending. I now know what's possible and I value my work and service a lot more than before.
Margaret Gathunguri
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